Application Information

The Governor Phillip Scholarship is only open to:

Candidates who are ordinarily resident in Australia or the United Kingdom and who have already secured a place at the University of Oxford (for Australian citizens and residents) or the University of Sydney (for UK citizens and residents) starting in the next academic year. A range of academic courses may be considered (typically one or two-year Master’ degrees), but in general scholarships are awarded to the following programmes:

  • at the University of Sydney, MPhil programmes in the School of Social and Political Sciences
  • at the University of Oxford, MPhil programmes in the Department of Politics and International Relations

Candidates need to demonstrate:

  • Distinctive academic achievement
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Tolerance
  • Compassion
  • An aspiration to personal, community and world enrichment

Candidates are automatically considered for the Governor Phillip Scholarship as part of the admissions process at the University of Oxford and University of Sydney in consultation with the Governor Phillip Scholarship. Successful candidates will be notified by their university.

The Governor Phillip Scholarship does not accept direct applications.

Applicants should be aware of course application deadlines. They are:

  • for University of Oxford, usually no later than the end of February
  • for University of Sydney, usually no later than the end of September

For more information about applying to the University of Oxford and University of Sydney: 
University of Oxford
University of Sydney