The Scholarship


The Governor Phillip Scholarship offers a fully funded postgraduate degree and an opportunity to be educated at some of the world’s leading universities with the next generation of global leaders, innovators and academics.

Funding includes:

  • university and college fees
  • board and accommodation on campus in halls of residence

The scholarship is valued at approximately A$140,000

Graduate scholars will be invited to participate in promoting the scholarship.

Other benefits include:

  • a multicultural, international experience
  • lifetime access to alumni communities worldwide
  • bespoke forums and leadership events
  • membership of the elite Governor Phillip Scholars network

This unique and prestigious scholarship provides the successful candidate with a competitive advantage to embark upon a career at the highest level in academe, government, diplomacy and senior positions in the private sector.


The Patron of the scholarship is Governor of New South Wales.

Established in 2016, the Scholarship celebrates the outstanding qualities of Governor Arthur Phillip, commander of the First Fleet and first Governor of modern Australia: an outstanding naval officer, statesman, humanitarian and man of the Enlightenment.

Postgraduate study is encouraged in fields that reflect the Enlightenment qualities and aspirations of Governor Phillip, in particular politics and international relations.